I initially engaged the services of ReadingSolutions when my daughter was nearing the end of first grade. My daughter was pretty much a non-reader and quite frustrated that her little friends were already reading “chapter books.” Her self-confidence was in a shambles and my bright, happy little girl had begun to hate school.

Anna knew exactly what to do. As the two quickly developed a rapport, my daughter’s anxieties decreased. With a diagnosis of mild dyslexia, we opted for twice weekly sessions. By the start of grade two, reading had become fun again. We continued with once-a-week sessions and by the end of second grade my daughter was happily immersed in her little chapter books.

Some aspects of reading will continue to be a challenge, but with Anna’s guidance, my daughter has acquired essential skills to handle her dyslexia, more significant is that my little girl is again confident and enthusiastic about learning.

Heather D.

Fairfax, Virginia

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for the time you have spent working with my two children during this school year. I have seen a great improvement in their academic performance and in their confidence and desire to learn. This has been a very positive year for them. And I am happy to say that because of her improved comprehension and attention to detail, Lilly will be placed in several AP classes when she starts middle school in the fall.


Ashburn Virginia

Anna Safi is so knowledgeable! More than that she has lots of energy and makes learning fun. She made the Wilson Program come to life. She has also given many suggestions about ways that I can help my son.

Sophia M.


Anna Safi really loves working with children with learning challenges. The more serious the learning issue, the more creative she becomes. As an educator, I respect her dedication and professionalism. As a mother, I am so grateful for the help and encouragement she has provided for my son.


Loudoun, Virginia

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